Welcome to Medicine Free World: The Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission. It is established with a mission to explore into the dynamic medicine and their remote application and make a systemic change in the treatment of diseases.

The Main purpose of the Society is to provide training & research in Medicines and establish Hospital for clinical experiences and propagation so that a systemic change can be brought and more people can be reached out to the drugless therapy using remote application of Dynamic Energy Medicine through Hair, which provides holistic health care.

Health, the prime concern of all, has remained a subject of controversy ever since the dawn of civilization. The Study of human life has remained a divided legacy. While some believe in the spiritual aspect, others totally ignore its existence and look upon the human being on the physical plane only. Unless an integrated approach to life is accepted, the state of health will remain a matter of dispute.

Treatment and Recovery from Tennis Elbow

Most tennis elbow treatments are very successful and the backbone of most recommended treatments is rest. A long rest from any activity that may aggravate your condition is necessary so that minute tears and stresses in the tendon may completely heal. Rest mostly depends on how severe your condition is but mostly you may need to rest for at least a few weeks to a few months. Usually, a specialist will resort to surgery when all treatments have been unsuccessful.

Initial phase of treatment: home treatment

We asked some of the top osteopaths in London (at the FORM CLINIC)for their best tips that they give to patients and here are some of the points they’ve put together.

Home treatment should start as soon as initial symptoms appear. Initial treatments include complete rest of the arm from any activity. Aside from rest, protecting the tendon should be implemented so that healing could immediately begin. These strategies can help treat tennis elbow at home:

•    Use warmth or cold, whichever could reduce pain

A tennis elbow is very painful therefore pain relief is usually the first course of action. Use ice or cold packs for 10 minutes several times a day will help reduce pain. Use a small towel or a thin cloth over the area before you apply an ice pack. Aside from using ice you may also place a warm or moist cloth over the affected area or take a warm bath if this reduces pain.

•    Use medications for pain

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs such as aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen will reduce pain. There are also NSAID creams and ointments that you can use over the area. Other medications such as acetaminophen can also help with pain. Aspirin is not recommended for people younger than 20 years of age because it increases the risk of developing Reye syndrome.

•    Learn new ways to perform activities

If your right arm hurts then find ways to perform activities using your left. You may also use better forms of equipment or tools to reduce stress on your arm.

•    Use elbow and wrist splints

There are over-the-counter elbow and wrist splints that you can use to immobilise your arm or wrist. Splints are known to be helpful in the treatment of tendon, bone and joint problems however splints are not known to reduce the pain and inflammation from tennis elbow injuries. Consult your doctor before the use of elbow or wrist splints.

Next phase: ongoing treatment

During the first few months of treatment from tennis elbow, initial treatment procedures should be continued along with the following strategies:

•    Exercise to rehabilitate the injured elbow

Rehabilitation treatment includes exercises as well as different forms of physical therapy treatments to reduce pain and improve joint range of motion. Exercises to warm-up before an activity, stretching the elbow and strengthening the elbow are important parts of tennis elbow rehabilitation.

•    Wearing a counterforce brace

Over the course of your treatment, your doctor may advise you to wear a special counterforce brace. A counterforce brace is worn around the forearm just below the elbow to ease pressure and spread it throughout the arm.  A counterforce brace will let you do a little grasping or twisting but it is still important to give your arm a rest and to use correct safe and correct procedures in performing different tasks.

There are different kinds of counterforce braces; find one that will fit your arm size, the most comfortable material and the ideal brace that will match your budget.

•    Consult an expert

Whether you are working on a particular activity or you are performing sports, you must consult an expert on alternative techniques to avoid aggravating your condition. Sports trainers can assist you with proper techniques and using equipment properly while occupational or physical therapists can help you with workplace safety, using the ideal tools or equipment and to make your job more bearable as you recover from your injuries.

Severe treatments for tennis elbow

If the injury is so severe, a specialist may recommend using drastic treatments such as corticosteroid injections for pain, ultrasound therapy and surgery. Corticoid steroid injections will only be effective for a short period of time and is usually used to reduce pain after 6 to 8 weeks of rest and using rehabilitation strategies. Meanwhile, surgery is seldom used and it is only done when elbow pain does not improve after 6 months to a year of rest and rehabilitation. In surgery, the damaged part of the tendon is removed and tendon shears and stresses are repaired.

Ensure proper health with proper sleep

Get-Enough-Sleep-Hair-LossYour health is a very major issue for your long life and ensuring better health is the key to wellbeing. There are many causes that affect your health badly and we must try our best to keep them away as much as possible. Among those factors, one of the biggest factors is lack of sleep. This problem is very common in teenagers and adults because of many issues. In the era of smartphones and social networking, lack of sleep is common among teenagers while in adults it’s mostly their studies and work pressure that take away their relaxation and comfort. Well, proper sleep is very essential to maintain long life and good health because lack of sleep can lead to many health issues which are as follows:

  1. It is injurious to health: lack of sleep increases the risk of developing chronic diseases because it has been reported that 90% of those who suffer from chronic health problems are insomniacs. This can be alarming for life. There are many diseases that can develop because of insufficient sleep like diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, heart failure, irregular pulse rates, and high blood pressure. In fact, insomnia is a disease in itself which must be treated as soon as possible.


  1. It causes depression: lack o sleep drastically enhances the symptoms of depression which are mostly very risky and threatening to life. As per the reports of 2005, people who suffered from depression have very low sleeping hours in their regular basis. It was reported that they did not sleep even for 6 hours regularly and that lead to severe depression in their life. Depression eventually leads to loss of interest in living life happily.


  1. Lack of sleep is harmful for skin: you must have observed that if you get insufficient sleep even for one night, you get swollen eyes and dark circles. If this habit pertains in any person, it can be very risky and it is displayed by their face. The damage becomes long lasting and even permanent in many cases. Dark circles, sallow skin, wrinkles and premature aging are some of the common symptoms of lack of sleep. It makes your skin lose the glow and becomes very dull.


  1. Lack of sleep makes you gain weight: if you sleep properly, your body maintains proper health and appetite. Loss of sleep increases the generation of a hormone ghrelin that is responsible for stimulation of hunger. It also suppresses appetite as it reduces the growth of leptin. This makes you gain weight in some days and it starts showing change in few days. Person suffering from lack of sleep for long time makes them obese because of overeating.


  1. Lack of sleep can be fatal: as per a study, a person who did not sleep for 10 consecutive days are likely to die. Well, yes sleep can be fatal because improper sleeping problems do not allow you body to rest properly and as a result you develop many risky ailments which can even risk your life.



As per the objective of the Society following activities is being presently carried out:

  1. Regular weekly one day training programme for the Homoeopaths as a part of CME (Continued Medical Education) on every Thursday between 1-2 PM. This programme is being carried out since last ten years. Homoeopaths form far away place took training in this programme.
  2. Short training course on different aspect of Homoeopathy at regular interval. This short course is organized at different location. About 20 participants are taken in each session.
  3. Internship training- Institute conduct regular internship training for students after completing their Homoeopathic course. This presently serves as advanced training for Doctors.
  4. Seminar & Workshops are organized on regular basis.
  5. Celebration of Dr.B.Sahni Birth Anniversary every year is done where a scientific seminar is organized by inviting senior most  speakers of the country. This programme is started after the death of the founder Dr.B.Sahni
  6. Medical Camps- Institute is organizing regular medical camps in rural area to serve the people in these areas. It is reputed for this medical camps and now more and more patients are opting for the Homoeopathic Treatments.
  7. OPD- Institute has its own OPD at the Central Secretariat, where acute as well as chronic cases are taken. The OPD is equipped with the Computer with Homoeopathic Software RADAR for analysis of Medicines. It serves as specialized clinic and attracts patients from far distance places. It also serves for demonstration and practical training of the student participating in the different training course of Homoeopathy.
  8. Publication of Journals- Institute is involved in publication of two Journal related to Homoeopathy 1. Homoeo Tarang published in hindi at quarterly intervals and 2. The Journal of Homoeo Transmission published at bi monthly intervals.
  9. Consultation programmes:
  10. Society is providing its consultancy in Homoeopathic case taking, analysis and repertorization at various Hospital of repute.
  11. Society serves at Kurji Holy Family Hospital with consultation in Homoeopathy where an OPD  (Clinic-10) is established since 1993 and now it has become very popular in the state of Bihar. This clinic is also fully computerized. Students coming to seek training get their practical training at this Hospital in its OPD and IPD attached to the Alternative Therapy Department of the Hospital.
  12. Society has recently opened its consultancy at Nazareth Hospital at Mokameh in Patna. Here doctors coming to learn have access to the OPD in Homoeopathy and IPD bed side prescribing. Our senior Doctors are deputed there.
  13. Society is involved with the reputed Mahavir Arogya Sansthan, Patna where OPD in Homoeopathy is running since last 15 years and it has become very popular. Training in Case Taking and Repertorization are provided to the Doctors coming to the Society.
  14. Society has recently established a Medical Board of experienced doctors in which referred cases are treated and demonstrated to the doctors. Unique part of this medical board that follow-up of case is also discussed on subsequent visit. It is now becoming very popular and many patients are visiting in every board. Presently it is being held on monthly basis but it is planned to make it at sort intervals also. It is unique in itself
  15. Literary Activities: Society is involved in literary development and working on the translation of various articles into Hindi. This is being published in various journals and also through journals of the Society.